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Having a successful online presence can be intimidating. Working with DevelMe can provide directional advice while shedding light on advantageous tools.
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Why DevelMe

Web-based Application Development
We have worked with LAMP stacks, MEAN stacks, and NoBackend sites. DevelMe has developed applications with PHP, AngularJS, VueJS, React, jQuery, MySQL, Oracle SQL, and takes advantages of coding principles and MVC frameworks. We provide VPS suggestions and configurations, shared hosting for startups, database design, and more.
Web-based Application and Hardware Scalability
DevelMe provides advice on obtaining a scalable application structure. There will be instances were you may have to scale up, scale out, or both! Let us design an architecture that keeps high availability in mind and has scalability baked in.
Application Optimization
Developers often make the mistake of optimizing too soon. We believe that optimization derives from usage analysis and feedback. We can assist with profiling your website and gathering performance metrics to pin point where optimization is needed.
Search Engine Optimization
SEO is no longer limited to search engines. Although not for ranking purposes, social network sites analyze your codebase to see how the website should be displayed when shared. Not only will we optimize your website for Google and Bing, but for Facebook and Twitter as well!
Internet Marketing
Word-of-mouth is transforming. DevelMe makes suggestions on what websites will help you build stronger relationships with your clients. We help determine whether Pay-Per-Click is right for you, or if e-mail marketing will better reach your audience!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a custom web solution cost?
Costs can vary greatly on a software project, and is usually depicted by the amount of time needed from a developer. Time needed from a developer is directly proportional to the amount of features or functionality needed. DevelMe takes advantage of third party tools and libraries that shave costs and developer time needed.
How long does it take to complete a web project?
Time is, again, directly proportional to the amount of features or functionality needed. If the client simply wants a static website that takes advantage of third party tools, and since DevelMe also provides hosting, such a project can be completed in 5-10 business days. It is not unheard of for a project to take 1-2 years.
How do I update my website?
This varies greatly on the type of website being utilized. A website based on wordpress will have extensive content management features available. Custom websites and web application will need to request such a feature, and will increase the cost of the project.
Will my website be mobile friendly?
We design our websites with mobile at the forefront. Your web layout will change based on screen size, and conform beautifully on the fly. No separate mobile site will be needed, which will save on project costs!
Do you assist with existing websites or web application?
Definitely! Additional information will have to be acquired, and there will have to be account access and migration discussions. We love providing design and architectural information. Seeing our clients grow and succeed helps us succeed as well.
Can you guarantee me a top ranking with search engine providers?
While our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changes will certainly help a client's rankings and appeal on social sites, DevelMe can not guarantee a top ranking. Any company making such promises should not be trusted! A search engine such as Google.com does provide advertisement services. Such ads do appear at the top, but are clearly labelled as ads and do not guarantee a click. A search engine's ranking system changes on a yearly basis, but such changes are to better weed out websites abusing the ranking sytem. Provide great content with our optimization changes, and you'll be high in the ranks in no time!
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We are a company that strives on improving business processes through the use of custom, proprietary, or open source web-based tools.
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